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If you already have an official and unique barcode number, simply order your barcode image online by sending us the required information.

Now that you own an official and unique barcode number, you are ready to order barcode images online so we can convert this into an official barcode image, eg. for your product packaging. This can be a UPC Code, EAN8, EAN13, ISBN, ITF-14, ISSN, GS1 Database or any other barcode type.

Order your barcode image online:

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To celebrate our new website we offer 1 barcode image set of a total value of EUR 19,95 for FREE!

How to get your FREE images:

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  3. Copy the link of your shared post and send it along with your order.

You will get your FREE image set (.EPS + .BMP) with your current or next order*.

* promotion requirements: your post needs to at least 5 days old, or have a minimum of 15 likes, or 4 third party shares. All prices mentioned are excluding VAT. This promotion is temporary. A shared post can only be used once.

We create your barcode images manually in order to guarantee quality. Read about what happens after you place the order.

Although we deliver only high resolution barcode images, there are some things you need to know before you choose between a .EPS or .BMP image.

Read about the difference between BMP and EPS...

This sign '>' is placed at the end of the barcode sequence to let scanners know the barcode number end there (Call it extra security). If you are not sure wether you need this or not, don't worry, you can simply choose 'Yes'.